Status: Active

I started Navo with two other engineers. We're building enterprise applications for Hololens devices to bring quality and performance improvements to warehouse and manufacturing businesses.

Rockets 🚀

Status: Active

I love all things space, but I'm borderline obsessed with rockets. I started building this site when I was first learning Angular. I still work on it because I want the site to be an easy way to compare rockets, even for those not used to dealing with payload capacity weights and understanding delta-v.

Speedy Unicode

Status: Stable

Speedy Unicode is a fun application I made to let me quickly use unicode emojis in any desktop application. I love Slack's UX for adding emojis- the search feature in particular makes it easy and fun, and I wanted that experience across all operating systems and apps I use.

Boo's Kitchen 🍴

Status: Stable

My wife is an amazing cook/baker. I decided to make a single page site that would be a wall of images of delicious things she has made. I wanted it to be easy and hassle-free for her to update.

I created a Boo's Kitchen Twitter and Instagram account. Using both platforms' APIs, the site pulls all recent images and displays them. The images can be enlarged via Fancybox, with the tweet text and Instagram caption being shown as the site image's caption.