Boo's Kitchen

My wife is an amazing cook/baker. I decided to make a website that would be a wall of images of things she has made. I wanted it to be easy and hassle-free for her to update.

I created a Boo's Kitchen Twitter and Instagram account. Using both platforms' APIs, the site pulls all recent images and displays them. The images can be enlarged via Fancybox, with the tweet text and Instagram caption being shown as the site image's caption.


Foti Photos

Foti Photos is my wife's photography business. She didn't want a blog-style site like many photographers have. Instead, she wanted a simple site that had her basic pricing and information, as well as highlighted her work. I found a basic template she liked, then I updated the design a bit.

To view the photos full-size, I'm using the Javascript library Fancybox(built on jQuery). I'm using it slightly different by setting the CSS background image of the div to show the photo instead of an img tag. This is to prevent people from saving her image by dragging or right-clicking it. Obviously, on a public facing website all the images are available, but most people will give up after they try right-clicking.


Teaching Tauer

I'm currently teaching my 7 year old nephew some basic web development skills. At his age, the key has been to make it practical and interesting. We are using a Raspberry Pi running Coder. We first started by making a static page of jokes (Joke World), then progressed by adding buttons to tell the punchline or change an image.

Now we are starting to work on a Javascript game. I'll be posting the weekly updates to be playable soon.