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That Conference 2014 Recap

That Conference just wrapped up, and it was incredible. It was the conference's third year in existence, and my first year in attendance. I learned so much about all phases of development. I'm still in shock at how affordable the conference is, and I can't recommend it highly enough to anyone in our industry. Here are my notes on the sessions I attended. Be sure to check out the speakers highlighted below, they are all friendly, immense sources of knowledge.

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Comparing Strings Efficiently

After doing [some tests]( to measure the performance of StringBuilder, I started thinking about other ways strings are commonly used. What are some common inefficiencies, and how can I avoid them? Immediately I thought of evaluating strings.

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How Good is StringBuilder?

For some reason, I really enjoy using StringBuilder. I often get to refactor code, and one of the common code improvements I find myself making is replacing someString += moreString with someStringBuilder.Append(moreString). Doing that en masse feels very rewarding to me, but how much of an efficiency increase am I really contributing?

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Stop Using XMLDocument

Most of the data I work with in my daily job comes from databases. However, occasionally tasks pop up involving other sources, or I’ll have the need to create something more temporary or easily transferable.

Recently I needed to create a temporary log that I knew would make the most sense in an XML file. I’ve done some work in the past with XML files, and XMLDocument has always gotten the job done. But as I started coding, it felt way too cumbersome to accomplish what I was trying to do. I knew my apporach was likely incorrect, so... to the internet! My initial research turned up many articles on XMLDocument, but they were a bit dated. After reading several more recent Stack Overflow questions, I realized I should have been using XDocument.

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